For the second consecutive year the municipality of Agios Nikolaos Certifies 4 Municipal Beaches as Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches

A cooperation agreement signed between Costa Nostrum Ltd and DAEAN for the recertification of four municipal beaches of the municipality of Agios Nikolaos Crete as Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches. On the same day, these four beaches were re-audited. The four beaches of the Agios Nikolaos Municipality that are part of the certified sustainable beaches of Costa Nostrum - Sustainable Beaches are: Almiros Beach, Voulisma Beach, Kitroplatia Beach and Schisma Beach.

It is reminded that the Municipality of Aghios Nikolaos pioneered once again, during 2016; it was the first Municipality nationwide that decided to certify its beautiful beaches as Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches, warmly supporting innovative ideas while at the same time the main motivation was to upgrade its tourist product and spread the sustainable tourist model. In this way acquired a highly competitive advantage over the competition.

The first year of adoption and implementation of certification Protocol Nostrum Costa – Sustainable Beaches deemed as extremely positive after following a survey conducted through questionnaires at certified beaches and in approximately 1000 completed questionnaires, the response of people were extremely positive in more than 80%. At the same time, at the end of last tourist season, from the analysis of the survey results, the municipality had a complete “radiography” of what the bathers “want” in each certified beach and in total. Taking into account the requirements of the bathers and by leveraging the upgrade of services at all levels, and in line with modern requirements, the municipality of Agios Nikolaos and DAEAN (as the managing authority of the specific beaches) proceeded to the “placement” of free Wi-Fi network at the certified sustainable beaches.

With this particular upgrade, the services provided within the certified beaches and having covered the largest and most important part (cleanliness, services provided to people with special needs, environmental protection, public information, etc.) of the Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches certification standards, Municipality of Agios Nikolaos managed to increase the overall rating of its certified beaches.

Both the top DAEAN executives (Mr. Michalis Farsaris, DAEAN President and Mr. Michalis Garefalakis, CEO of DAEAN) and Costa Nostrum founder and general manager Mr. Vassilis Zisimopoulos expressed their absolute satisfaction with the continuation of their cooperation, for second consecutive year and their desire to extend this certification to other beaches of the Municipality of Agios Nikolaos. At the same time, they expressed their desire to further upgrade the services provided in order to achieve the highest possible rating of all certified beaches, but also to increase the satisfaction of the bathers, a goal that can only be achieved through the excellent cooperation and contribution of all the parties involved – DAEAN, the Municipality of Agios Nikolaos and Costa Nostrum.


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