Certification process for Kastri / Creta Maris beach to be certified as Costa Nostrum Sustainable Beach of the Mediterranean Sea

Creta Maris Beach Resort & Costa Nostrum - Sustainable Beaches cooperation

In the context of the resort’s Sustainable operation and aiming to improve the quality of the tourism, protect the environment, increase the satisfaction of tourists, and promote the principles of sustainability, Creta Maris Beach Resort decided to begin the necessary process for the certification of the beach of Kastri / Creta Maris as a Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beach.

The new cooperation was sealed by the signing of the Cooperation Agreement by Mr. Andreas Metaxas, CEO of Creta Maris Beach Resort and Mr. Vasilis Zisimopoulos, CEO and Founder of Costa Nostrum Ltd. Both sides declared optimistic about the new cooperation, which is about to offer the greatest possible environmental upgrade and further promotion of the coastal ecosystem.

Photos: Mr. Andreas Metaxas, CEO of Metaxas Group of Companies, Mr. Nikos Vlassiadis, General Manager of Creta Maris Beach Resort and Mr. Vasilis Zisimopoulos, CEO and Founder of Costa Nostrum Ltd..

About Creta Maris Beach Resort:

Creta Maris Beach Resort belongs to Metaxas’ Group of Companies and has been operating since 1975. It has a capacity of 680 rooms, suites and bungalows, 6 restaurants, 7 bars, 7 swimming pools, gym, Hammam spa, Asterias Children’s Club, and a great space for outdoor and indoor activities.

About Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches:

The Certification Standard for Sustainable Management and Development of the Mediterranean Beaches – Costa Nostrum Sustainable Beaches is a pioneer and innovative certification protocol that can objectively guarantee the sustainable development of the Mediterranean beaches, primarily by defending the environment, greatly contributing to the financial development of the region around certified Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches and, of course by ensuring social cohesion and prosperity of the citizens of the region.

Press Release Costa Nostrum Sustainable Beaches EN – CN 


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