To change the way citizens and authorities perceive the Mediterranean beaches in order for them to become a place where one can escape to, relax and be entertained daily while also constituting an axis of economic development and environmental awareness for the coastal communities.


Despite the notable number of coastal peoples which gave rise to several significant ancient civilizations within the Mediterranean basin, the Mediterranean Sea did not have a specific name for many centuries. For example, Herodotus employs the names of smaller seas and bays comprising it in order to define it. Other ancient Greek authors refer to it using descriptions such as “the ocean extending from the Pillars of Hercules”, or “the sea inside said Pillars”. Strabo, for example, describes it as: “the interior sea we call ours”.

This definition was later adopted by the Romans who translated it as “mare nostrum” ( = our sea) or “mare internum” ( = interior sea), as well as “Mare magnum” ( = the Great sea). Thousands of years later and with the objective to protect the environment and promote the sustainable development of the beaches around the Mediterranean, a pioneering and innovative tool was created: the Costa Nostrum ( = our coast) standard, which can be applied on both public and “private” beaches, resulting in various environmental, social and financial benefits for the municipalities / regions, as well as the individuals who implement – adopt it.


Our main axis being the three pillars of sustainability (economy, society and environment), we can offer innovative solutions and high-value services to municipalities, regions and individuals, thus decisively contributing to the multifaceted improvement of the coastal zone – beach by turning it into an appealing destination for the citizens.


We aim to protect the highly sensitive ecological environment outside and around the coastal zone by promoting environmental awareness and increasing the appreciation of the citizens and visitors of each beach for the environment. We wish for the Mediterranean beaches to become a core of sustainable financial development for the coastal areas, which can significantly contribute to the economic vitality of the community throughout the year. Another objective of ours is the consolidation of social cohesion, equality and equity, as well as the satisfaction of visitors, the improvement of the services provided inside and around the beach, the preservation and promotion of the local culture and traditional products and, lastly, the maximization of the feeling of security within the beach.