– Protection of the environment and of the natural resources.

– Better waste management.

– Better management of special waste such as nappies and cigarette butts.

– Protection and Conservation of protected species such as Caretta – Caretta turtle.

– CO2 emissions reduction due to the use of public transport and bikes to access the Costa Nostrum® Sustainable Beaches.



– Increased number of visitors to the Costa Nostrum® Sustainable Beaches.

– Increased income for the managing entity of the Sustainable Beach. Creation of new jobs.

– Increase in other types of tourism such as ecotourism.

– Increased added value for the Costa Nostrum® Sustainable Beach.

– Advertising and promotion of local – traditional products worldwide.

– Global advertising of the Costa Nostrum® Sustainable Beach and the region through our website and our Mobile Application.

– Surplus value on land adjacent to less popular beaches which, upon certified as Costa Nostrum® Sustainable Beaches will bring benefits for both the landowners and municipalities.

– Linking Costa Nostrum® Sustainable Beaches with local businesses – craft industries and cooperatives producing traditional products.

– Connecting the visitor of a Costa Nostrum® Sustainable Beach with the mainland and its cultural identity with direct effect in the number of visitors to local – traditional businesses and other tourist attractions of the region.

– Direct economic effect in the region by the promotion of the quality – cultural characteristics of each area:

– Increased turnover for the nearby Tourism Businesses.

– Unemployment reduction.

– Increase of state revenues, through the collection of indirect and direct taxes.



– Increased satisfaction of bathers – visitors of the Costa Nostrum® Sustainable Beaches.

– Conservation and promotion of local culture.

– Better service quality.

– Increase and consolidate the egalitarian sentiment since specific social groups like disabled people, pregnant women and elderly people will have equal access to the Costa Nostrum® Sustainable Beach.

– Better control of the businesses operating within the coastal area and the employees who work in them.

– Compliance with all the essential rules and law requirements verified by the annual audits which will be carried out as part of the standard.

– Increased security in the Costa Nostrum® Sustainable Beach resulting from the information provided to the visitors – bathers on potential dangers and by hiring qualified personnel.

– Increased social cohesion.