Three new Certified Sustainable Beaches and 5 re-certifications in Crete!

With a high sense of pride for the progress of the sustainable current in the wider area of ​​Crete, we announce the certification of three (3) new beaches, as well as, the re-certification of another five (5) beaches, for the current period on our island.

Specifically, as we have already announced in our previous newsletter about the beginning of our collaboration (please visit here), the three new beaches that are certified as Costa Nostrum Sustainable Beaches belong to the Cactus Hotels in the Prefecture of Heraklion and in particular, they are the beaches of Cactus Beach, Cactus Mare, and Cactus Bay.

As part of this certification, Costa Nostrum created a video with aerial and underwater shots, of the coastal area of the Cactus Hotels units, as well as, an online flipbook with photos of the hidden marine treasure (and is waiting for us to discover it) in the coastal zone of the specific hotel units. Both the video and the online flipbook can be distributed to guests of the hotel units, completely free of charge via email, as a farewell gift of their stay.

In order to admire the underwater world of Cactus Hotels (video), please visit the web link here, while for the online flipbook please visit the web link here.

Five recertifications for 2022-2023!

Faithful to their “sustainable” appointment for another year, 5 beaches of the Costa Nostrum family stand out, as they succeeded in maintaining all the necessary objective criteria of the certification.

These are the beaches of the hotels Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa, Creta Maris Beach Resort, TUI MAGIC LIFE Candia Maris, as well as the municipal beaches Akti – Karteros of the Municipality of Heraklion and Agia Pelagia of the Municipality of Malevizi. We consider as a great success to maintain their environmentally friendly character as well as the sustainable benefits they offer to their bathing guests.

In a period of the climate crisis, managing to maintain the beaches of Crete as a sustainable destination and at the same time contribute to the overall upgrading of the tourist product of our region, is for us a great successful project that we continue to launch.

We are sure that the goal of complete sustainable conversion, will continue to lead us, to new certifications, but at the same time to the parallel evolution of a world that will be largely based on sustainable development, which for Costa Nostrum is the only way to the future.


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