Cactus Hotels Spa & Resorts Crete – The first hotel chain with three Certified Sustainable Beaches Costa Nostrum!

With special pleasure and honor, we welcome to the family of certified Sustainable Beaches Costa Nostrum, the beaches of Cactus Hotels!

Specifically, in Stalis, Crete, the contract for the Certification of the beaches of the Cactus Beach, Cactus Mare & Cactus Bay Hotel Units was signed.

The management of Cactus Hotels Spa & Resorts Crete, realizing the ever-increasing global trend for the search for sustainable hotel units by international tourism organizations and visitors to our country, is preparing for the new tourist season with great optimism in this direction, aiming at certification and global promotion of the beaches of all three hotel units as Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches.

At Costa Nostrum we are particularly pleased with the achievement of this partnership, on the one hand, because this hotel chain is ranked among the most popular in the world, and on the other hand, as it is the first hotel chain that certifies all beaches of hotel units.

The starting point for achieving this cooperation is the common vision that governs both the Costa Nostrum and the Cactus Hotels Spa & Resorts Crete, for the creation of highly attractive and modern hotel units with clear sustainable characteristics.

The signing of the contract is a prime example of the tourism policy of the managing authorities of each beach but also of the coastal communities throughout the Mediterranean and the European Union.


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