The Municipality of Malevizi, Crete – Greece joins the great Sustainable Family of Costa Nostrum!

We are pleased to announce that on Wednesday, 10th of February, 2021, a public project contract was signed between the Municipality of Malevizi, in Crete - Greece, and the Costa Nostrum, for the project "Study for the Upgrading and environmental protection of Agia Pelagia beach, in the Municipality of Malevizi, for its certification as a Costa Nostrum Sustainable Beach".

The Municipality of Malevizi, realizing the ever-increasing global trend for sustainable tourist destinations, is preparing for the new tourist season with great optimism in this direction, is upgrading Agia Pelagia beach.

Our vision for the creation of highly attractive and modern Top Class tourist destinations, with clear sustainable characteristics, in relation to the desire of a progressive Municipality, such as the Municipality of Malevizi and its Mayor Mr. Menelaos Bokeas, is expected to be the generative “cells” for the new environmental strategy beneficial both of citizens and visitors.

The Honorable Mayor of Malevizi Mr. Menelaos Bokeas and the founder and CEO of Costa Nostrum Mr. Vassilis Zisimopoulos, signed the specific contract, which will be completed in the coming months and will result in the certification of Agia Pelagia beach as a Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beach”.

Undoubtedly, the signing of the specific contract is a prime example for the tourism policy of the managing authorities of each beach, as well as, of the coastal communities throughout the Mediterranean Sea and the European Union.

It is worth noting that the Certification Protocol “Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches” has been distinguished in national and international competitions, such as the Greek Business Awards for Environment 2020, and was a finalist for the respective European. Additionally, it has been declared as Good Practice in two European Interreg Programs. For more information please follow the link https://cnsl.eu/qawwp.

Until today, Costa Nostrum has certified 12 beaches in Greece and is already in discussions with other Mediterranean countries that are designing their tourism plans for next summer, based on a modern Sustainability model.

You can see our review for 2020 by clicking here.


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