Event for the wastes on beaches by the Region of Crete

PRESS RELEASE 20/05/2020

On Thursday 12 March 2020, the Region of Crete, Mayors and hoteliers, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on waste reduction at the beaches, in the framework of the European MedBLUEISLANDS Program.

At this workshop, the Certification Protocol for the Sustainable Management and Development of Mediterranean Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches, was introduced as a European Union Good Practice.

At the same day, as well as “Good Practice” implemented at European Union level, within the same European program, MedBLUEISLANDS, were presented to the attendees the “Smart Green Bin for Beaches” made by AELIA Sustainable Engineering and Costa Nostrum.

Both of these “proposals”, in addition to being described as good practices implemented at European Union level, offer a holistic approach to both the sustainable management of waste produced within the coastal zone – beaches, as well as, to the general sustainable development and management. of the beach, but also in the development of a sustainable tourism model, extremely necessary for the whole Mediterranean area.


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