Decrease in the overall rating of Certified Sustainable Beach Voulisma (Municipality of Agios Nikolaos) with code GRCR201603

Costa Nostrum as the certification body for the innovative Certification Protocol for the Sustainable Development and Management of Mediterranean Beaches Costa Nostrum - Sustainable Beaches, after the latest developments regarding the withdrawal of the Voulisma beach (Municipality of Agios Nikolaos) from the Blue Flag program and in accordance with the procedures of the Protocol, is obliged to reduce by three points the total score of the certified Costa Nostrum Sustainable Beach, Voulisma and with code GRCR201603.

The award from the Blue Flag program is one of the criteria for the Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches certification, which is scored 3 points according to the rating list.

So the total score of Voulisma beach of the Municipality of Agios Nikolaos becomes 71 points.

This beach continues to meet most of the criteria (39 of the total) required for its certification as a Costa Nostrum Sustainable Beach of three horses and has one of the highest total ratings for a public beach. Also, according to a survey (in the form of questionnaires) made in the summer 2016, the rating given by the bathers to the particular beach in terms of sustainability was 8,495 (the second highest score among the public beaches certified according to the Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches protocol. The results of this year’s survey will be announced after the end of the summer-tourist season of 2017.

The beach will be re-evaluated at the beginning of the summer season of 2018 and if Voulisma Beach again wins the Blue Flag Award, it will be returned to the beach the 3 points by the Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches certification protocol.


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