May 2023

Costa Nostrum's 2023 Calendar

Blenny (from the Greek mucus or slime) is a common name for many types of fish, including several families of percomorph marine, brackish, and some freshwater fish sharing similar morphology and behaviour. Six families are considered “true blennies”, grouped under the order Blenniiformes; its members are referred to as blenniiformids. About 151 genera and nearly 900 species have been described within the order. As generally benthic fish, blenniiformids spend much of their time on or near the sea floor; many are reclusive and may burrow in sandy substrates or inhabit crevices in reefs, the lower stretches of rivers, or even empty mollusc shells. Some blennies, otherwise known as “rock-hoppers”, leap from the water onto rocks in order to reach other pools.