Costa Nostrum at the forefront of the tourism sector recovery

"To say I love responsibility, I alone, I will save the world. If it is lost, I will have the blame.” (Kazantzakis, Askitiki)

Driven by this spirit, in the most difficult period of the last 30 years for the largest sector of the Greek economy, the Tourism, which has been severely affected by the global coronavirus pandemic, we take our responsibility as Costa Nostrum, to help in the re-construction of the tourist sector, in order to give both the necessary impetus and the competitive advantage to the companies that we are cooperating with.

For this reason, we offer to all the Management Bodies of the certified Sustainable Beaches, with the protocol “Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches”, the possibility to re-certify COMPLETELY FREE for the summer period 2020, all the active certificates for their awarded beaches. An essential GIFT for all those who are trying to rekindle the “flame” of hope for the Greek economy.

We owe it as a company, above and beyond any strategy and corporate social policy, to look worthy of this difficult moment and to give the necessary impetus, but also the competitive advantage, to the private and public management bodies of certified beaches, to start the effort of creating again development conditions, even with the new conditions that we have.

The obstacles are there in order to overcome them and by adding each of us, even a glimmer of positive energy and optimism, we are convinced that we will succeed, as has happened in similar moments in the past. After all, history repeats itself and we will try to prove it.

There is no time for remorse, only for deeds. Essential, practical and immediate. Costa Nostrum company stands by you in these difficult times.
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