Corona Virus and Flexible Tourist Destinations

Maintaining a high sense of responsibility regarding our efforts to tackle the global crisis of Covid-19 and its impact on the tourism industry is a special honor for Costa Nostrum to participate in Project FLATOD-19, along with scientists from 4 different Countries.

What FLATOD-19 – Flexible Tourist Destinations is?

The FLATOD-19 project is the result of a research effort to develop a comprehensive method of action to meet the major challenges facing a tourist destination in an environment of epidemics such as COVID-19. More specifically, the Project helps the pre-planned restriction of incidents and the rapid traceability of cases through the following pillars:

  1. Destinations’ allocation based on i) the probability/ efficiency of “opening” and ii) the visitors’ characteristics, e.g. their country of origin following always the performance of a short economic-technical purpose audit.
  2. Formation of a collaborative Leadership for implementing the project at any required local level and installation of critical information systems (mini MIS).
  3. Visitors’ management following their grouping in clusters based on their country of origin, destination and hotel through zoning and time-slotting starting since their booking until their departure.

The Team of the “FLATOD-19” Project

Our methodology was developed by a multidisciplinary group of experts, scientists-consultants coming from many complementary to the tourist industry sectors and from four countries:

For more information please visit our projects’ Facebook page, here.


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