#SaveTheBluePlanet Project

On the occasion of June 8, World Oceans Day, we begin our action "Save the Blue Planet".

The Oceans…

  • They cover 71% of the planet
  • 50-80% of life on Earth is below their surface
  • 3 billion people depend on marine & coastal biodiversity
  • 80% of marine pollution comes from land activities
  • produce 50% of the planet’s oxygen

Our idea is simple, but at the same time quite important for the future of our planet! All together in order to spread the message for cleaner seas.
So, we have created a digital signature for our email and we urge all those who care about the sea and the environment, to incorporate this signature in their email for free and therefore to spread the message for saving our blue planet!

A small step… closer to the completion of our vision, for cleaner seas and coasts!

To use the signature, click here


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