Partnership Agreement of «We do local» and «Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches»

Partnership Agreement have signed Costa Nostrum - Sustainable Beaches and "Local Production & Hospitality SA" – which is managing the company of the «We do local» standard. «We do local» and «Costa Nostrum - Sustainable Beaches» agreed on mutual cooperation with the objective of sustainable development and efficient management of the beaches of the hotel units, creating in this way the hotels promotional conditions to visitors, but also creating tourist benefits for both the hotel units and the destination Crete.

In a time of economic and general crisis, the connection and close cooperation of bodies, organizations and actors of tourism for a common purpose, such as the development of sustainable tourism with various environmental, social and economic benefits for both tourist destinations, and for the very tourist area, it is considered as a business & social necessity.

«We do local» is a reference point for a coordinated strategy highlighting the value of the tourism experience and the excellence of the tourist business in Greece. It is an essential lever civic, economic, cultural, ecological and social development in the society, which operates under specific conditions and strict standards, showing measurable results.

«Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches» from its side is a standard and innovative “tool” that can ensure in an objective way the sustainable development of the Mediterranean beaches, primarily defending the environment, contributing decisively to economic development of the wider area around sustainable Beach Costa Nostrum and ensuring social cohesion and prosperity of the citizens of the region.

Common goal both of the «We do local» standard and the «Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches» model is the qualitative improvement of our tourist product and the emergence of Greece through tourism enterprises as a leading sustainable tourism destination with special characteristic feature its hospitality. The Partnership Agreement signed on Tuesday 04 October of 2016 at the offices of the Local Production and Hospitality SA – «We do local» in Heraklion of Crete, Mr. Andreas Metaxas, CEO of Local Production & Hospitality SA – We do local and the CEO and founder of Costa Nostrum Ltd, Mr. Zisimopoulos Vasilis.

For more information, visit the websites: www.wedolocal.gr and www.costanostrum.org


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