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Participation to the Global Entrepreneurship Week

Participating to the Global Entrepreneurship Week, the weekend of 21 and 22 November 2015, the Athens StartUp Safari 2015 took place, on which a lot of innovative startup companies had the opportunity to present their project to the public.

Costa Nostrum, one of the 26 winner teams – startup companies of the Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship Competition Program – THE EGG – by Eurobank, presented to the public the Certification Standard for Sustainable Management and Development of the Mediterranean Beaches – Costa Nostrum®.

The presentation of the innovative Costa Nostrum Certification Standard received a lot of positive remarks from the public and important personalities, who attended to the event such as executives from the Greek-German Chamber, as well as the Greek Alternate Minister for Research & Innovation, Mr. Fotakis. More information about Athes StaUp Safari 2015 and Costa Nostrum Certification Standard at: facebook/ COSTA NOSTRUM, LinkedIn/COSTA NOSTRUM, www.costanostrum.orgwww.theegg.gr


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