Green Destinations and Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches sign Partnership Agreement

PRESS RELEASE 20/04/2017

Green Destinations and Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches have agreed to cooperate in promoting sustainable tourism development, in particular for sustainable beaches and destinations. In this way, they create better opportunities for sustainable destinations and beaches to generate environmental, social and economic benefits for tourists and for the local business community. To this end both parties signed a Partnership Agreement.

The two organizations are very complementary to each other: Green Destinations is looking at destinations as a whole, but has no certification for beaches, while Costa Nostrum can ensure a sustainable beach management and development, as well as improved service provided for the bathers; both of them are the focus of «Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches».

Green Destinations is a non-profit organization supporting tourism destinations to become more sustainable. A Green Destinations Certification & Awards program has been developed on the basis of the Green Destinations Standard, and 160 destinations already received the Award. This standard is the leading international set of criteria to measure, monitor and improve the sustainable management of entire destinations, islands and regions. It makes sustainable development concrete, objective and demonstrable; covering all important themes: Destination Management, Nature & Scenery, Environment & Climate, Culture & Tradition, Social Well-being, and Business & Hospitality. In 2016 the Green Destinations Standard was officially recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

Costa Nostrum (= our coast) – Sustainable Beaches is an award winning innovative certification standard based on specific indicators and criteria (environmental, social and economic), through the effect of which, the sustainable management, development, evaluation and certification of any beach may be achieved in an objective manner, while a healthy competitive environment for every beach management body is created. It also constitutes a free online information portal for tourists visiting the Mediterranean Sea, in regard to the infrastructure, classification and characteristics (natural – technical) of all Costa Nostrum Sustainable Beaches, as visitors will be able to search for the certified Costa Nostrum Sustainable Beaches and choose accordingly depending on their personal requirements. Finally, it is a “tool” for the global recognition and promotion of the certified Costa Nostrum Sustainable Beaches, as well as of any affiliated business of local traditional products nearby the awarded beach.
The standard can be applied at all Mediterranean beaches, with a view to promote their sustainable development, their environmental protection and the sustainable economic development and general welfare of the society at the nearby areas.
It can be implemented by all municipalities of the countries around the Mediterranean, as well as, by hotel units that financially exploit a number of beaches with the same positive results.

The common goal of Green Destinations and Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches is the qualitative improvement of the tourist product, the environmental protection of tourism destinations, the increase of tourist satisfaction, as well as the promotion of sustainable tourism principles.

The Partnership Agreement was signed by Mr. Albert Salman, President of Green Destinations and by Mr. Vasilis Zisimopoulos, CEO and founder of Costa Nostrum Ltd.

The cooperation is limited to Green Destinations’ support to the beach certification offered by Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches.

Green Destinations is currently negotiating with two other parties who will be Green Destinations Representative Organisation in Greece, for destination certification and for the QualityCoast Awards.”

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