Great Distinction for the Innovative Project Costa Nostrum

COSTA NOSTRUM project is one of the 25 innovative entrepreneur ideas of Greece. The Certification Standard for Sustainable Management and Development of the Mediterranean Beaches - Costa Nostrum® (=Our Coast) is an original and innovative “tool” that can objectively guarantee the sustainable development of the Mediterranean beaches, primarily by defending the environment, greatly contributing to the financial development of the region around sustainable Costa Nostrum® beaches and, of course by ensuring social cohesion and prosperity of the citizens of the region.

Every beach has its own unique characteristics, its own needs and demands, but it also has specific potential on the services that provided. In this way the Certification Standard COSTA NOSTRUM evaluates the services and characteristics of the beach and creates a ranking of four categories, while contributing to the improvement of the provided services.

The benefits that arise from the adoption of Costa Nostrum® are varied and cover all three aspects of sustainable development.

This project participated in the Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship Competition Program – THE EGG, which organized for the third consecutive year by EUROBANK. The «egg – enter • grow • go» is a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative by Eurobank  designed and implemented in cooperation with Corallia, that aims to boost young innovative entrepreneurship and improve employment opportunities for young people in Greece.

In this year’s competition participated 2100 teams from all over the Greece. The ideas came from many different sectors of the economy such as tourism, the Primary Production, Biotechnology, Electronic Business, the Health services, Renewable Energy, Computer Applications and Technology, Culture, etc.

The innovative project COSTA NOSTRUM, as was well structured and documented, become one of the 25 winning teams in this year’s tender procedure, proving that even in times of economic and social crisis innovative ideas relating to the environment and tourism can be generated and implemented, yielding benefits to society and the environment, both locally and nationally.


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