Costa Nostrum – The only Cretan Start-Up organization in Philoxenia 2019

Satisfaction and optimism was created by the presence of Costa Nostrum, to the visitors of the 35th Philoxenia 2019 Tourism Exhibition, which took place from 8 to 10 November at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center (TIF - HELEXPO) under the auspices of the EOT.

Top Tourism Meeting for 2019

Twenty-two selected Start-Ups were presented at Philoxenia through Digital Greece, a project of the Ministry of Digital Governance, while Costa Nostrum was the only ambassador from Crete. Indeed, from the large attendance of visitors in the area of Digital Greece, it appeared that innovations have particular interest to the tourism sector, pointing the way.

This year the exhibition attracted 20,143 visitors, a testament to the people’s trust in the tourism sector, with a 19% increase in the number of commercial visitors. In addition, there were a total of 4,500 appointments between hosted buyers and exhibitors – a record number -, which was satisfying.

The Honorable “Areas” for 2019 were Poland, the Region of Thessaly and the Municipality of Tripoli. Nepal was also successful in giving Philoxenia its “present” for the first time. Indeed, the Nepalese tourist agents in the exhibition said that they were extremely satisfied with the overall presence.

Great interest in Costa Nostrum

Costa Nostrum’s presence at Philoxenia 2019 was impressive, with the triple-award winning “Certification Protocol for the Sustainable Management and Development of Mediterranean Beaches – Costa Nostrum Sustainable Beaches” gaining the best reviews from visitors and exhibitors of tourism.

Several professionals and elected people came to Digital Greece to learn more about how a beach can certified as a sustainable beach and promoted worldwide, and the answers they received to the clarification questions were impressive.The fact that the Costa Nostrum Certification Standard combines both environmental protection and sustainability and the promotion of Mediterranean beaches, has made it a source of attraction for competent Greek Regions and Municipalities, as well as, for “private” beach managers in Greece and abroad.

The universal acceptance of visitors to a top tourism exhibition once again is for Costa Nostrum the epicenter of a well-organized and collaborative effort to highlight our natural resources and our commitment to move towards to a more sustainable tourism sector. And through Costa Nostrum Organization we will continue to strive for it.


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