Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches 2021: The top sustainable beaches that are being re-certified

For another year, the beaches of Crete remain at very high level and Costa Nostrum proceeds to their annual re-certification, contributing in the best possible way to their global promotion as Sustainable beaches.

The “Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches” certificate is awarded after an objective check of specific strict criteria for the maximum possible score (from 1 to 4 seahorses) on the Costa Nostrum’s sustainability scale.

In 2021, in a year particularly critical for the global tourism industry, we are particularly happy as the beaches of Crete continue to provide high-quality services to bathers.

Although due to the special conditions that prevail and this year due to the pandemic, the whole process was delayed, at the specific moment it is progressing with high interest, and the first sustainable beaches for the tourist season 2021 have been recertified, while the promotion and certification of more beaches will follow, starting, in a very short time, the certification of another public beach, as “Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beach”.

Specifically, the first beaches for 2021 that receive the re-certification as “Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches” are the following, (in alphabetical order):

Public Beach Akti – Karteros, in the Municipality of Heraklion (3 Seahorses)

costa nostrum re certified 2021 akti karteros beach heraklion public

Apollonia Resort & Spa (3 Seahorses)

costa nostrum re certified 2021 apollonia resort spa

Creta Maris Beach Resort (3 Seahorses)

costa nostrum re certified 2021 creta maris hotel

Tui Magic Life Candia Maris (3 Seahorses)

costa nostrum re certified 2021 tui candia maris hotel

It is our honor for another year working with hotel units and municipal authorities that have as their main scope the promotion of the sustainable features of their beaches, the provision of top benefits to their bathers-visitors, as well as the promotion of a sustainable tourism model.

We invite you to find and explore the certified sustainable beaches Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches, at the link: https://costanostrum.org/beaches/


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