Costa Nostrum participates in the Prototype by TEE. Α Program by the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE)

Following a highly successful presentation made to the members of the Prototype by TEE Committee on 20 November 2017 by Costa Nostrum's founder and CEO Vasilis Zisimopoulos, Costa Nostrum, has chosen to be one of the groups - companies which will participate at it specific program of the Technical Chamber of Greece.

Prototype by TEE is an initiative of the Technical Chamber of Greece and is a technology (digital) accelerator of innovative ideas, which it supports them at the level of know-how, organization, administration, management and promotion so that they can be implemented as efficiently and in the best interests of the Greek economy and society.

The dominant vision of the TEE, through Prototype, is to empower young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to make a decisive contribution to the productive reconstruction of the country.

The project is aimed at aspiring re-initiators of the engineers and is implemented in principle with the cooperation of the Athens University of Economics and Business and with the participation of specialized individual scientific, technological, research institutions and foundations.

For more information about the program, please visit https://prototype.tee.gr/


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