Costa Nostrum in an online discussion on tourism and the coronavirus

An online meeting was held on Thursday, May 6 with the participation of Flatod-19 Flexible Tourism Destinations, in which Costa Nostrum also participated through its CEO & Founder Mr. Vassilis Zisimopoulos.

In the online meeting, Mr. Dimitris Antonakos, CEO of Demand Fairs & Media, also welcomed and talked with:

– Mr. Dimitris Vassiliou (BEng, MSc, Authentic Greece-Products & Destinations),

– Prof. Michalis Toanoglou (Professor of Hotel & Tourism Studies),

– Mr. Emmanouil Paterakis (General / Family Physician, member of the Board of the Heraklion Medical Association),

– Mr. Dimitris Soukeras (Risk & Accident Analysis Specialist, SJSU Faculty & CEO O.Diagnosis Ltd),

– Mr. Kosmas Kazanas (MD. MSc. Pulmonologist-Tuberculologist),

– Mr. Alexandros Tsatsarounos (MSc, Tourism Development Consultant),

– Mr. Christos Mammidis (CEO PR & More Ltd – Strategic Communication Consultants),

– Mr. Angelos Sanopoulos (CEO of M&E Factory, Austria)

The discussion focused on the issues of management and dealing with the situations arising in tourism from the coronavirus pandemic.


Watch Mr. Zissimopoulos talking about sustainability and tourism


Also, you can watch the full discussion here: https://cnsl.eu/jn4eu


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