Costa Nostrum at the Event for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship of the Technical University of Crete

On 28-3-2018, Costa Nostrum presented the innovative Certification Protocol for the Sustainable Development and Management of Mediterranean Beaches Costa Nostrum - Sustainable Beaches in the framework of the Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship event organized by the Technical University of Crete.

The Innovation House of the Technical University of Crete organized an event on innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. Invited to the event were the egg – enter • grow • go program, the ALBA Graduate Business School – the American College of Greece and startup companies operating in Crete. The event was attended by students as well as other members of the Polytechnic community. For more information about the event here.

Excerpts from the TV interviews given by Costa nostrum’s Founder and Managing Director, Vasilis Zisimopoulos, can be seen here (Crete TV from 1:04:10 to 1:04:34) and here (NEW Television – 18 : 00-18: 38)


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