Cooperation Agreement Between Assonautica Italiana, the Chamber of Ilia and Costa Nostrum Ltd

On Sunday 14th of October 2018, a Cooperation Agreement between Assonautica Italiana, the Ilia Chamber and Costa Nostrum was signed in the Ilia Chamber, with the participation of the Aitolokarnania Chamber.

The Co-operation Agreement was signed by the President of Assonautica Italiana Dr. Alfredo Malcarne, the President of the Ilia Chamber, Dr. Konstantinos Nikolouchos and the CEO of Costa Nostrum Ltd. Mr. Vassilis Zissimopoulos.

The main purpose of the Partnership Agreement is to promote, exploit and promote: the Maritime and Sustainable Tourism, certificated Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches, Sustainable Beaches, Maritime Economy and Local Masterpieces in Art, Culture, Museums, Wine-Gastronomy, Crafts and Tourism and for the implementation of an innovative joint strategy and cooperation for the development of shipping in the field of leisure and coastal tourism and through the dissemination of the “made in Italy” system to support and development of cross-cultural, technical and scientific exchanges to protect the natural, cultural, tourist and archaeological heritage of coastal cities and coastal areas, coasts, coastal zones and beaches of Italy, Greece, the Mediterranean Sea and Europe.

During the event, the rationale for cooperation and prospects in the tourist sector between Greece and Italy was developed.

The President of the Union of Italian Chambers, Assonautica Italiana and President of the Brindisi Chamber stated that the aim is to bring together the ideas and actions between the Greek and Italian chambers to certify and thus to strengthen the Greek beaches as a “brand name” by acquiring a larger share in the tourist market.

While, the President of the Ilia Chamber Kostas Nikoloutsos, underlined the need for the quality of the Ilia’s tourism to be improved, with the best possible scientific documentation. “Our beaches need to be certified and through this we can show the hidden treasures. There is no more automation in tourism and in beaches anymore, we all know very well that the tourists spends the winter in their countries dreaming where to go and for this destination we cannot have only the photos and some information, we want the best documentation why to visit this place. This helps us all to become better. It is not enough to say between us, that we have good beaches, but, we have to see how they can become better-known in the tourist sector. Ilia claim a big increase in the tourist sector. We are not happy with the numbers of tourists at this time. We have great space for growth. Ilia could accommodate much more tourists, which will be modern and quality.”

  • Assonautica Italiana, assonautica.it with its central and regional organization, enjoys the privilege of being the “speaker of the Italian Chamber of Commerce” which represents the common interests of all economic categories for the effective implementation of the policy of promoting shipping in the field of recreation, nautical tourism, tourism, the maritime economy, as well as the various interrelated activities of this category.
  • The Ilia Chamber, a historical associate of Assonautica Italiana, with the collaboration of the Chamber of Aitoloakarnania and the Italian Chambers, is interested in promoting and coordinating activities and initiatives aiming at intercultural exchange and development of resources for the development and improvement of vessel tourism leisure tourism, maritime tourism, sustainable tourism and the maritime economy in the coastal areas of Greece, with particular reference to coasts, beaches and water ecosystems of the prefecture of Ilia.


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