Award for the Best Public Certified Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beach at Potamos beach in Municipality of Chersonissos – Crete

Potamos beach in Municipality of Chersonisos - Crete was awarded as the best public certified Costa Nostrum - Sustainable Beach for the year 2018.

The assessment of the beach was made by the bathers themselves during the summer season 2018, who were asked to complete the specific questionnaire on each Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beach, and they are the judges of the degree of sustainability of each beach.

Potamos Beach was rated by the bathers with a total score of 7,879 points with an excellent 10, among nine (9) total public certified Costa Nostrum Sustainable Beaches.

This award is now established as an institution and is given every year at the best public – certified Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beach. This is the first time the prize is awarded to the Municipality of Hersonissos. At the evaluation process for the best certified Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beach are participating all the beaches which have been certified by the triple innovative award winning protocol Costa Nostrum – Sustainable Beaches. Corresponding process – assessment of the best certified sustainable beach according to the bather’s answers to the relevant questionnaires is also foreseen for the summer 2019.

The award ceremony of the Municipality of Chersonissos took place in the town hall in Gournes in the presence of the mayor Mr. Yannis Mastorakis, the deputy mayors of Messrs. Emmanouil Pleuraki, Nikolaos Argyrakis, Efthimios Mountrakis and Manolis Koulouras and the founder and general manager of Costa Nostrum Mr. Vassilis Zissimopoulos.

Both the Mayor and Deputy Mayors and Costa Nostrum founder and General Manager Mr. Vassilis Zisimopoulos expressed their satisfaction with the continuation of the cooperation and the next summer season – summer 2019 and their desire to extend this certification to other beaches of the Municipality of Hersonissos. At the same time, they expressed their willingness to further upgrade the services provided in order to achieve the highest possible rating of all certified beaches, as well as, to increase the satisfaction of the bathers, a goal that can only be achieved through the cooperation and contribution of all of the parties involved – DAMAL, Municipality of Chersonissos and Costa Nostrum.


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