Costa Nostrum

Sustainable Beaches

Until now there has been no strict definition of what constitutes a sustainable or green beach but in general terms it can be described as a beach which incorporates the principles of sustainability within its management plan thereby achieving first and foremost the preservation of natural resources and the protection of the environment, favors the economic development of the locale to which the beach belongs. and finally encourages social cohesion and the prosperity of the people living along its periphery.

The specific Protocol is designed in such a way, that all beaches whether they are organized or not, public beaches or those which are financially exploited privately and even those which are considered beaches of an ecological nature, can be currently certified as Costa Nostrum - Sustainable Beaches, as long as they meet the basic criteria of the Protocol.

More than 100 million tourists on the Mediterranean coasts during the summer

  • ≈ 50% Annual Growth Rate (AGR)
  • 500 million tourists until 2030
  • Overcrowding
  • Collapsing ecosystems
  • Negative impact on tourism coming


  • Current solutions are inadequate
  • No recognized sustainable beach management system
  • Current solutions are fragmented with multiple points of failure
  • No immediate upside to sustainability
  • “No Scale-free” / “No Place-free”
    • Every beach has its own unique characteristics
  • Delivers a holistic solution
  • Brings together many partial solutions
  • Action is taken at the level that is closest to the real world of places
  • Community & stakeholder engagement
  • Demand for sustainable beaches is increasing, ≈ 80% of Mediterranean tourists visit beaches:

    • Seek authentic & unique experiences
    • Search for a sustainable hotel & destination

    Covid-19 proved the need, to move towards to a more sustainable tourism model